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Oils seasoned by flavors and seasonings

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*Artisans du Québec*handmade by flavors & seasonings, Sherbrooke, Quebec

Seasoned oils, sodium -free, gluten -free and cholesterol, excellent source of omega 3.

Ideal for cooking, m...

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*Artisans du Québec*handmade by flavors & seasonings, Sherbrooke, Quebec

Seasoned oils, sodium -free, gluten -free and cholesterol, excellent source of omega 3.

Ideal for cooking, marinate your meats, fish and tofu. You can also use them in your greenery or pasta salads. Excellent oils to mix with mayonnaise, sure cream or cream (15% or other) of your choice, to create succulent sauces and dips.

Basic ingredients in its oils are: olive oil, canola oil, vinegar, Quebec maple syrup and natural aromas.

*** Chili sweet and crisp (meat) chili pepper contain little sodium (natural)

250 ml format

Roti garlic: 

Use our roasted garlic decorated oil to enhance your homemade houmous, to grill croutons or your pita, or to grill your vegetables at the BBQ!

Walnut wood smoke:

It's like you had a smoking room in your rear course! Ideal, among other things, for cooking your salmon, for your ribs, garnish your potatoes in the oven or to integrate into your Chinese fondue accompaniment sauce.

Sweet chili pepper:

Prepare your Tao general chicken with a single sauce, marinate your pork or your shrimp in this exquisite oil. Cook your vegetables or prepare a succulent Thai pad by adding this secret ingredient! This oil will put your dishes, a delight.

Crispy bacon:

*** does not contain meat (bacon) ***

Add this oil to your Carbonara pasta, on your Caesar salad, in a broccoli and cauliflower salad, in your pounded potatoes or a net on your Putin or homemade pizza or in your blown corn to give it this good taste of bacon that we love so much!

Thai Lemon-Lime:

It stands out for its unique lemon and lime flavor. Enhance your Poké bowl of tuna or salmon, cook your white fish for tasty tacos or use it for a stir of chicken, shrimp or tofu!


Grilled chicken tacos in chipotled chip oil, tasty guacamole, decadent enchiladas, add punch to your nachos ... so many possibilities! This oil is simply prodigious. Raised and seasoned at will, it will make you a great chef. It is perfect for all your daily dishes. It is simply essential!

Wild raspberries:

Its fruity and slightly sweet taste gives it a typically Quebec perfume that will revive your taste buds and those of your guests. She is simply frenzied! Cook your pancakes you will impress your guests.

White Porto:

For a taste raised to your salads, for one of your duck recipes, this oil is a delight. Let your imagination go, she will not disappoint you!

Sure cream and shallots:

We have developed it for you and your family. With its delicate taste of sour and green cream, it is perfect for all your fish and chicken cooking, to grill your bbq corn and of course your sautés of vegetables and pasta. Always without sodium and with its omega 3 it is perfect for preparing a good meal in a few minutes. It can also be used for your dips or on blown corn! This oil is essential for you.